Health Care Done Right!


Dr John Pollard is a gentle caring chiropractor whose professional life defines the term holistic healer. His high-end nutritional consultations reverse your body’s disease process at the root level.

Using Zyto Software to energetically evaluate 120 health biomarkers and diagnosing cellular function/body toxicity with Hair Analysis, YOU get the most essential means of restoring health at the deepest levels - 100% naturally!

Throughout his career, Dr. Pollard has helped thousands of people with hard-to-treat body, mind, and relationship problems. Using his methods they have moved from dysfunction to wellness in the shortest possible time. His unique discovery of Generic Human Studies opens a new chapter in humanity’s search for self-healing. 

He has written several books of outstanding quality (3 shown below). Check out the topic that interests you most! See (or websites below) to research them more or read the comments of others.

Self-ParentingDuring the mid 80s Dr. Pollard introduced his discovery of Self-Parenting in Australia and California eventually becoming the foundation of what is now called “inner child work” in the psychology profession. (See and/or Amazon link).

Digestive Awareness DietAs an expert in digestive problems, his book The Digestive Awareness Diet, shares the healing prescriptions and understanding used to successfully treat numerous failed medical patients over a 30-year career. (See

How Relationships WorkHis discovery of How Relationships Work (HRW) introduces a completely original, extremely simple, yet perfectly accurate explanation of how human relationships function.