Nutritional Evaluations

Nutritional Assessments are highly personalized and involve the following services:

  • Zyto Scanning
  • Hair Analysis
  • Applied Kinesiology Testing
  • Weight Loss Consultation

Zyto Scans  ($99.00)

Every cell in your body has an energetic connection to every other cell. Zyto technology creates a way to ask your energetic system questions and record the answers. Utilizing software and a hand cradle, a “virtual you” is established. Next  your energy is evaluated for 120 health bio-markers as either in or out of range. Finally,  the “out of range” bio-markers are assessed against the highest quality nutritional/herbal supplements to bring as many bio-markers as possible back into range to get what is called your biological preferences.

Your body’s biological preferences are documented in a comprehensive report that includes spinal, organ, and acupuncture points. I performed many of these scans in Southern California and each one was very different and based totally on the unique attributes of the client’s energy. As far as I know, I’m the only person in Sacramento providing this service.

Check out this video demonstration or for more info go to:

Hair Analysis ($99.00)

Having your hair analyzed for mineral levels, mineral ratios, and toxic heavy metals is the single most important step you can take to assess the health of your body’s functions. Hair analysis measures the functional cellular physiology of your body. Vitality, adrenal, thyroid, hormonal, protein, and blood sugar functions are measured and documented in a way that is not possible by any other means. This is also the best way to discover if you have lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, or aluminum toxicity as many of my patients do.

The stranger or more complicated your body symptoms are the more likely that hair analysis can explain them perfectly. This is a must have assessment for the informed natural health care client, especially considering the cost for this invaluable test is under $100.

Applied Kinesiology Testing ($99.00)

If you have ever been a chiropractic patient you may have experienced these procedures which use muscle testing to evaluate digestive and hormonal glandular function. I was one of the earliest adopters of these procedures and I find them incredibly useful and specific for certain conditions. The only “problem” if any, was that these tests are subjective.

Using the more objective zyto and hair analysis evaluations in combination with the AK testing gives my patients the most well rounded information to compare and verify the best decisions for their health.

Weight Loss Consultation ($99.00)

Experience a body composition analysis to track ongoing changes to your BMI, fat, visceral fat, muscle, hydration, and metabolic age. This allows us to determine and monitor your improvements in overall health as well as fat loss. Additional assessments may be included as needed to evaluate digestive functions, hormonal balance, and nutritional symptoms.