Articular Therapy

Articular Therapy evaluates and helps patients recover from the most  difficult-to-treat spinal and joint conditions.

Help: I’ve Got Neck/Shoulder/Back Hip/Leg/Knee Pain!

Do you have chronic joint pains or muscle aches? Have you experienced a fall or accident, especially at a younger age, that healed without proper treatment? If so, you will find that Articular Therapy can restore your body’s normal and natural movement using natural healing massage and directed exercise.

I use ALL natural methods of massage, spinal adjusting, and exercise to correct the CAUSE of mechanical fixations that create your symptoms.

What Is Articular Therapy?

Articular Therapy (AT) is a unique system of testing, treating, and training the controlling joints (ankles/hips/shoulders) of your body which are essential to your body’s natural movement. Your body is built like a tent; the outer walls are formed by your ankles/hips/shoulders with your spine acting as the balancing center pole.

By actively involving YOU (the Client) in your own recovery, together we reverse the dysfunctional joint dynamics affecting your Tensegrity and restore your joint mobility over time based on your need and commitment.

I offer a Free Testing Service that measures and evaluates the movement of your spine and primary Controller Joints. Articular Therapy offers unique methods that demonstrate conclusively which joints are the CAUSE of your SYMPTOMS. You will be as aware of your fixated joints as I am testing you.